Staking is Here!


The sale of our apes kicked off the initial distribution of our ecosystem’s native utility token, $JBAC.

$JBAC is currently only available for trading on UniSwap.

$JBAC serves a purpose of giving JungleBay’s ecosystem a utility token that can be used for many things- most notably in the pipeline for game nights, lotteries, minting, mutations and redeemable for merchandise; there will also be a marketplace component down the line.

Any Gold Card holder will receive a 1.5x multiplier for each Gold Card in their wallet.


The max supply is set to 1 Billion $JBAC, but we expect around 200 Million $JBAC to be distributed over the calendar year post-mint (January — September 2023).

Community Giveaways

Join the JungleBay Discord for access to free $JBAC distributions to community members who participate in game nights, events and challenges. To facilitate this, our Community Managers will host JungleBay Official events regularly where tokens will be distributed by them directly to members.

Initial Supply

50M $JBAC was provided to the JungleBay Community Treasury to support early community plans such as liquidity incentives, game night rewards, or giveaways.

15.35M $JBAC has been accumulated daily by each ape since the public mint.
Each Ape has been accruing $JBAC from the day it was either minted or purchased by the wallet it is currently in.


The $JBAC coin will be paired with Ethereum, an ERC-20 token.
The initial liquidity for the pool will be funded from our community treasury; over time we will add additional liquidity / opt-in options via community-driven allocations as a proportion of secondary sales from the JungleBay Ape Club Genesis collection (and subsequent collections).


200M $JBAC will be distributed annually over the first 3 years to all genesis JungleBay Ape Club NFT owners at a rate of 33.3 $JBAC per day. There is no need to stake your Jungle Bay Ape Club NFT to earn daily $JBAC. Apes owners may claim their JBAC on our website at any time by visiting their Profile. $JBAC is associated with your JungleBay Ape automatically, regardless if it is claimed. Claiming your Ape’s earned $JBAC means moving the token to your preferred crypto wallet (gas must be paid to perform this action).



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Jungle Bay Ape Club

Jungle Bay Ape Club

A community formed DAO governed by their NFTs, and a Community Treasury funded by each other to build a brand new project together.